Sean Reilly

Franklin Moto

When I was 17, I owned a 1979 Yamaha YZ80. It was the first time owning anything with two wheels and a motor. Speeding around the desert wasteland that surrounded my parents house in Phoenix was the most nerve wrecking thing not knowing how fast I was going, and if I crashed, there would be no one to help, but it was pure joy. After cutting my teeth in the dirt for a few years, I eventually sold it when I moved out of state and started to mostly traveling around playing music for the next almost decade

It wasn't until I was 25 that I bought my first road bike, a 1981 Honda CM400. I then exchanged living in a van and traveling from city to city, to traveling on a motorcycle and spending a lot of time in campgrounds, or camping in the middle of nowhere with a few friends and a fire. After owning a few problematic vintage bikes over the span of 4-5 years. I decided it was time for a reliable bike and purchased a 2015 Yamaha SR400, which is my current bike. With a week to go before a 1500 mile, 10 day trip I had planned for my 30th birthday, it seemed like a good investment. 

Franklin Moto

I was never one to turn down a opportunity, a good time, or take any days for granted. Living with a life threatening lung disease (Cystic Fibrosis) helps fuel that urge to not pass anything up that I might regret down the road. Riding a motorcycle helps me forget the burdens of real life, and concentrate on simply what lies around the corner ahead.

Motorcycles are not just a choice form of transportation and travel, or even a hobby to me. It's much more. It's a passion that takes over decision making, and controls almost every aspect of my life. I believe everyone should have something in life that draws strong emotion, whatever it may be. 

Franklin Moto

For me, it's the feeling of dragging my boots along the ruthless highway pavement, or high-fiving my buddy riding next to me while going 80mph, that is the feeling that keeps me riding. When I've already ridden 500 miles in the worst conditions, I'll always have that desire to ride one more mile.  

-Sean Reilly/30on2