Laura Höllbacher

Franklin Moto

I’m 20 years old and I have a two year older brother who rides too. He is participating in the Supermoto World Championship, therefore I’ve always the best trainer on my side. His biggest success was European Champion and 3rd in the World Championship.

My very first motorcycle (KTM 50ccm) was under the Christmas tree as a present. I was about 7 years old. This was probably the best present I’ve ever gotten. The beginning of my motorcycle passion.


My dream began, my father, brother and myself travelled almost every weekend through Austria and had a really good time at the tracks. For me riding a bike is not just having fun, it’s a way of life. I appreciate it every single time when I’m on my bike. In 2009 I started participating in Supermoto Racing and now I can call myself the fastest Supermoto Lady in Austria (3 times), Austrian Vize Champion and German Champion. It’s an insane feeling when you race against all the guys (mostly men in my category) and beat them. This adrenaline is incredible. You simply forget all the troubles around you and just enjoy racing.

Since April 2017 I’ve been in California where I’m doing an internship at KTM North America in the Marketing Department. There are so many amazing tracks to explore that I simply forget what I’m missing at home at the Supermoto races. I want to spend as much time as possible on a bike here, because I love it. I’m an adventurous girl and always have to go after something in my life.


Unfortunately, Supermoto racing is not that famous anymore. But I still love it and I try my best to push for it. For those who don’t know anything about Supermoto. You ride with a motocross bike with bigger brakes and different tires. The track consists of about 70 percent asphalt and 30 percent off-road. So you have to be able to ride well in both sections to be a successful Supermoto racer.

See you at the track!