Brittany Wood


We all have our own reasons for getting into riding, but I think we all can agree that motorcycles are insanely fun. (Dangerous, nonetheless... but aren't most fun things?) I first got into motorcycles because my dad grew up riding,  but never really wanted me to ride myself, since he got into a gnarly accident awhile back. It wasn't till I was dating a boy, almost 3-4 years ago who rode, that I was like, "You know what? I can do this on my own!"


It was really empowering. Not the motorcycle itself, but the act of accomplishing something on my own - something I wanted to do for so long. Since then I've been putting around on my Sporty near and far, while having all the fun. Another thing that drew me to riding was this love of nature and exploring I've always had. From hiking to camping, motorcycles seemed to effortlessly fit right into that love of mine, since there isn't a cage masking you from all your surroundings. When you're on a motorcycle you're LITERALLY one with nature.


You can see the green rolling hills that surround you without any glare of a window, and you can smell everything from rain soaked concrete, to happy little skunks that just sprayed you as you scoot right past them. (Am I the only one who enjoys that scent?) Riding is just fun, and I think life is too short not to challenge yourself to accomplish an idea or dream you have. Also, there's just SO much to explore out there. Cars are cool - but motorcycles are better.