Matt Stanfield

Why are the lines of classic machines so appealing? In my case, it’s motorbikes, firearms, and flying machines. But I digress... For years, I admired the lines of vintage bikes. Old and strangely alluring, these bikes were simplistic, spartan machines, equally as interesting whether standing still or moving.

As it happened, my 40th birthday was about 8 months away. I started dreaming... how incredible would it be to find an old, tired bike, clean it up, make it new, make it special, and ride it. A lot. A build would mirror what I wanted the year to be for myself: a new season, rebirth, new ideas, old made new. I was in full nerd mode, narrowing choices and learning about everything and anything motorcycle. And then something amazing happened. We had been in the process of adoption for years, and we received “the call”. Everything changed. We were going to Africa. Twice. Soon. All our resources became focused on this. It was bittersweet but I had to set my dream aside.

Little did I know my wife had other plans.

My birthday came. I knew it would be low key, and I was completely fine with that; our family was growing and we were preparing for a huge adventure. Amy handed me her card in an envelope she had made from a wiring diagram, as if to say “I know this isn’t what you had hoped for but I still love you and I still support your dreams”. Inside the card was... a stack of CASH! She interrupted my confusion and said “This is for your motorcycle”. The envelope also contained a list of friends and family, co-conspirators in her scheme. She had been planning for months, and I was completely unaware. It still makes me smile when I think about it.


The rest is history: a month of searching uncovered the donor bike. In the time that followed, I slowly transformed it into what it is today. Lots of learning. Lots of joy. Lots of frustration. Lots of worrying if I bought the wrong bike. Moments of defeat and pain but ultimately, victory! New carbs, bars, paint, electronics, wiring, lighting, seat, seals, gaskets, jets, et.c. All along the way, the gift never changed. Amy was excited for every step, encouraging when setbacks came. The bike looks and rides incredibly now, and the way it came to me is a story I’ll tell for the rest of my life.


The Falcon started as a 1985 CB650SC a.k.a. Nighthawk. Complete frame-off teardown and rebuild. Paint scheme inspired by the Millennium Falcon.